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Thread: Judges?

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    Had a little battle with a kid from school, votes?

    Jeet, stop acting so cool, when you're at school
    I make the rules, and ya look like a tool
    Wipe that drool off your mouth, ya lookin' like a fool.
    By the why, you smell like istanbul, stool.
    Sorry for being so cruel, but get off my family jewels.
    This is a challenge, this is a duel.

    So theres a guy named Jason sitting at home
    Using facebook on Google Chrome
    Wishing he had some friends of his own
    Crying with a moan
    Seeing how jeets high up on a throne
    Jasons working on his pre-calculus
    Wishing he could get an A, but that would be miraculous
    Stop talking about me when we know you want to be like me
    Just sit back, be quiet and see
    Before I stick an orange four inch doorhinge somewhere you donít want it
    And donít worry itíll be easy to fit
    Yeah I took that from Em
    Because who doesnít want to be like him?
    Everyone knows hes a G.O.A.T.
    Unlike T-Pain, whoís on a boat.

    Ya' need to work on your flow
    Ya' need some time to grow
    But I'm the monster runnin' this show.
    I'm the doctor, gunnin' for your throat
    Even though I didn't take bio, I'm an abortionist.
    ...No, fuck that, I'm an extortionist.
    Takin' all your money, ha-ha I'm so funny.
    Your sister calls me honey, and your mummy calls me bunny.
    Like B-rabbit, your underestimating me,
    I'm boy wonder, educating ye

    Haha, work on my flow?
    I can plow you like some snow
    In this game youíre just a John Doe
    No one knows who you are,
    While Iím up there sitting on a star
    You aint got nothing on me
    Compared to me, youíre a flea
    That Iím gonna stomp on
    And this aint COD, so no respawn
    You can go ahead and keep going
    But I think the towel should be thrown in

    John Doe?
    I think you mean John Wall
    I'm teachin' you how to ball
    Your speech is weak and cheesy
    You seem a little uneasy
    ...and you look a little queasy
    I'm the cat with the fiddle
    Spillin' out these riddles
    You're just a cow with no know how
    That's no star, that's the moon.
    You're so far away, I'm on mars.
    Pretty soon, you'll say you're done
    I've had some fun, you sound like a re-run.

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    /facepalm. I have to say the first kid
    We want peace whoa
    We want a peace of mind
    It's times like this I wanna leave the world behind
    We want peace whoa
    We want a peace of mind
    I wanna take a little piece of my herb and get this whole world high.