The sun slowly sinks in the sky
as the clouds crawl by
air rushes around me
as though the dark world was heaving a sigh

so dark now its hard to to see
long gone now these moments of glee
that once brought light to my life
faster, and faster the evening encroaches upon me

the quiet chirps of birds sound like a sad fife
the melancholic sounds, stabbing my heart like a knife
there is no where to stop for shelter
lacking the arms around me for solace in my life

no Im not meant for her, her, or even her,
in this dark world I guess im lacking the flair,
im not prep enough, cool enough, or badass enough,
ive surrendered the desire to dare,

I hate this feeling of excess fluff,
I just want to let it fly off the cuff,
I desire no more then to be free of this feeling,
I have more then my share, ive had enough.

Im more then done dealing
why do I start caring,
who am I kidding,
my mind imaging her, my mind snaring