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    Smile Facebook Template (for shopping)

    Not sure where to put this so I decided this will work. If this is the wrong section (proly is) then can a mod please move it? Anyway for a recent homework assignment my class had to make a facebook page for a famous person. Being a tech guy I opted to do the assignment on instead of paper. I realized this template I drew up might be of use for others for homework or fun. Just delete layer 3 to get rid of the text and fill in the desired info! Layer three just contains some text label on where things should go but it shouldn't be hard to figure out. The picture areas are blocked out with grey to make it clear where they go and that could have been done a bit nicer but this was a 15 minute template for personal use so.... Anyway if you use it tell me but dont post even constructive criticism bcuz it wasnt really supposed to be public release, just though i would throw it out here in case someone wanted it. Mods please approve attachment because if i just post pic you cant delete layer. Oh just a sidenote it IS in PDN format so you DO need to have to open it.

    Thank me if by some crazy chance this helped u!

    EDIT: ok well thats bull! turns out you can't attach PDN's so just PM me if you want it and I'll upload to my m3d1afir3 and give u link.
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