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    His dream. Pt. 1 By: Jaider03

    This is either a working book in my life, or a progressing short story. This is only part 1...and just a feeling of what the book may feel or bring up.

    My heart has been asleep in the long long days of summer. As if I was forbidden, I could not love another girl. Though I knew one day; "I will seize my life, and obtain a lover for myself. One whom which will show pride, because she is mine." My vivid fantasies and strong feeling make it hard to be real. I always believed keeping my innocent nature I received as a newborn will help me in the future...but I have been misjudged by my mind before.
    All the nights, I stay awake, not that I can't fall asleep, but the fact that, "Life is not worth living." Every dream seems to favor me. However, last night was different. I felt as if I was trapped. Not in a cage, not in myself, but in a lucid dream. It went, unlike any other dream before, like this;
    I awoke in a damp, gray, and smaller room which was the shape of a box. I arose, and suddenly dropped my spirits...the wall...infront of me....words were scarred into itself, "...beware." However my spirited start to lighten, for I saw the window, which lit up the room. I approached the luminous window, with only but a mere light blue glow that I had seemed to feel as I got closer each step I took...step...step...step. My head was poached forward and my arms eager to block a danger. Sudden, I saw all white and felt as if I was falling. When I opened my eyes, my heart stopped in amazement.
    Grass, with a soft top and velvety base. Beyond the view of my eyes, mountains with purple bases that seemed to change colors to red at the top. Like the sun hit the top, but fell down the mountain. Trees, about 5 of them, each within 50 feet of each other. In the sky and air, a breeze felt of about 70 degrees constant. A speed of about, 10 ***? I remember smiling and singing on the soft grass, " I see tears, in my face, though hidden it shows grace. And my smile, so sweet and innocent. My heart, gleaming with love...and fellowship." I hummed the rest.
    A piano, was perching under the tallest tree (about 25 feet high) and I made my way to it. At about half-way I suddenly stopped...looked at myself. I was wearing pure white loose pants, with a matching shirt! I all of a sudden felt happy and cheerful. As if I dipped in a fountain that cleansed my dark, secret, and tormenting ways. I felt gleaming with light. I and reborn. The piano was the same light feeling. Because I played with soul and love, and I was very talented. It was as if what I played was transferred to the instrument, and my hands was just carrying module.
    All my time in this, "trap" was pleasant...until the feeling of fear was swept in. I was startled by a hand, caressing my shoulder. I jumped to my feet, and looked back. Blue body, similar to one of the stick figures that you see in art rooms. It was the same size as me, and completely silent. It moved with ease, but I was not ready to say, "Hello." It was blank, with no expressions or feelings. It was just, simple blue figure. And finally, I heard a alerting sound, and not from outside. It was a echo, but I could take out the words, "Hello." It was not from me. Something seemed odd about this figure.

    ( i will add more pts. in time. Possibly tomorrow.)
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