I feel like grabbing that little stupid blade
and just slashing away at every mistake that I've made.
I claim to be happy, but I've never felt so dead.
See, I don't deserve to live, so I just.. live in remorse instead!
Don't come to me when I'm at my lowest and say that I make the stars shine!
See, the only thing that shines when I'M around
are those.. ambulence sirens come to get me when I've almost drowned.
See, I almost drown in my own pool of blood,
but none of that matters when you're twice the disappointment you seem to be.
My own girl doesn't love me; it's not that damn hard to believe!
Cause if I were her, I would.. just leave..
I'd dig my own grave and put my tombstone just ahead..
now, who would have any problems if I was just dead?
I'm such a worthless piece of scum,
and just a waste of my God's many gifts.
How the HELL can I be happy when my mind just always.. shifts..
I would hang myself from the third floor of an apartment complex,
how can I cope with all this when I'm so.. complex..?
And all I do is bring these people down, along with my smiles..
I've tried to be happy, but there's too many failed attempts - too many failed trials!
And to my best friend, the one who's been there through it all;
when I pass out from blood loss, don't catch me when I fall.
And when I hold that gun to the back of my head, just don't..
DON'T say that I'm not better off dead.
See, this would be my death note.. and my last final goodbye.
But I can't even kill myself. Wanna know why?
I'm the biggest little prick in this thing we call a life.
I'd be too much of a wimp to just go and grab the knife..
So, no, this isn't a goodbye, or a suicide letter.
This is just a reminder that.. I'm a problem that'll never get better.