Hello my name is unique.

I am in high school as a freshman and i would like to share my experience of meeting my 5th grade friends i have not seen in over 3 years.

I walk up into the cold hard school
As i look around i see bogus kids who drool.
When i find the list of homerooms
I cry out and scream "OMG IM DOOMED"
For I have heard plenty about this teacher.
Terrifyingly mean and her husband, ironically, is a preacher.
Walking towards the teacher with my late slip
She yell's "SIT DOWN AND SHUT THE F*!@ UP!
I run to an open seat in my panic and terror
But then i see my friends who are frantic with peril
As soon as i see them we smile together
We laugh and giggle until days end,
This is how i was reunited with my elementary friends.