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    Every single one of my poems.

    Dreadful Dear Lies
    These words that were spoken are dreadful dear lies.
    They took me by the wings and threw me aside.
    I tried to fight back but couldn't withstand the pain.
    Now i lye here thinking is this all in my brain?
    Why can't there be just one single truth?
    Why must there be so many lies.
    Why must they be cooped up inside.
    Why when i talk does nothing come out.
    Why is there no one here to speak.
    Why am i shaking?
    Why am i breathing?
    Why am i nervous, anxious and all these things?
    Why were those words spoken.... Dreadful dear lies...
    Millions of people
    Millions of pets
    Trillions of feelings
    Billions of emotions traveling through our brain,
    Causing me to think, why so many?
    Why so many emotions, why so many feelings?
    Is there enough to be shared?
    Is there enough to be lost?
    Is there enough to be crushed?
    Is there enough to be broken?
    Why so many things traveling through our brains,
    Is this a must?
    What are they asking of us?
    Commanding us to do things,
    To read
    To write
    To think these thoughts that naturally come to us.
    To think these thoughts written by hand,
    To write these thoughts written by hand,
    To read these thoughts written by hand,
    Cause me to think... Was it worth it?
    Was this worth it?
    Why did it happen,
    Why happen here,
    Why not later on,
    Why did it happen here.....
    These Thoughts
    I thought we could be together forever,
    This stupid mistake made me want to stay in a dream forever.
    I didn't want to wake up,
    I wanted to stay where this love has come true,
    I wanted to stay where i could love you,
    I wanted to be where i could kiss you, hug you, snuggle you, and love you.
    That dream was where it is,
    That dream was all i wanted to come true.
    So now im here,
    Awake and depressed.
    I see your face a tear starts to fall,
    A friend comes by,
    I wipe the tear away to hide the sadness,
    Your face is showing up everywhere,
    Causing me not to forget that face i loved so much,
    Those eyes,
    That smile,
    Those eyes I could get lost in,
    That smile I loved to see,
    That face that always made me happy,
    I look in my friends eyes,
    I see your eyes looking back at me,
    Those eyes,
    Those wonderful eyes,
    I just want to see them again,
    Look into them and feel better,
    I want to stare into those eyes once again and go speechless,
    I Just wish i could see you again without that tear forming,
    Without that sadness approaching,
    Without that cloud appearing over me,
    Without any of that sadness shadowing around me.
    I just want to see you with a smile,
    Hug you,
    Give you a kiss,
    And feel better instantly...
    The Poet and his Soul
    The poet in me deserves to be happy,
    The soul in me deserves to be destroyed,
    The poet in me is always helping me,
    The soul in me is always hurting me,
    The poet in me allows me to talk,
    The soul in me allows me to stutter,
    The poet in me is a great talker,
    The soul in me is a bad speaker,
    The poet wants me to hold you tight,
    The soul wants me to throw you away,
    The poet in me wants to write these for you,
    The soul in me wants to walk away from you,
    The poet in me wants me to die for you,
    The soul in me wants me to leave you,
    The poet in me doesnt care what others think,
    The soul in me doesnt care what you think,
    The poet in me only cares what you think,
    The soul in me only cares what others think,
    The poet wants to be with you forever,
    The soul wants to be with you never.
    Dreams I Dream
    These dreams I dream,
    Are dreams of you,
    Dreams of me holding you,
    Dreams of me kissing you,
    Dreams of me talking with you,
    Dreams of me just sitting with you,
    These dreams I dream,
    Are the only dreams I dream,
    Dreams of you laughing,
    Dreams of you smiling,
    Dreams of you coming back,
    Dreams of you and your eyes,
    These dreams I dream,
    Are black and white,
    Dreams of your eyes in color,
    Dreams of your heart in beating,
    Dreams of your smile shining,
    Dreams of you in my arms.
    These dreams I dream,
    Are dreams of you.
    The Organ called Heart
    The war our hearts push through,
    The tyrant that rules over them,
    The opression that is put on them,
    A consequential battle of love and hate,
    Without knowing it,
    Our hearts are put through agonizing
    Brutal words,
    Every break up youve had,
    Small, or big,
    It damages the organ we call our heart,
    The heart gets confused,
    Not knowing what to do,
    Not knowing who to trust,
    Not thinking twice before making actions,
    An amiable friend, word, or other kind thing,
    Will help this heart gain trust,
    Will help this organ return to normal,
    The heart starts to gain knowledge of its
    Knowing who to trust,
    Knowing who to believe,
    Knowing when to say yes and no,
    Thinking before doing,
    Asking before trying,
    Talking before trusting,
    Not offering itself to anyone,
    Not giving heaps of love,
    It believes its healed,
    Feels its a new begginning,
    Not wanting to be crushed,
    Typically it starts to feel it can trust
    Not knowing its nearing its end,
    Not with the knowledge of that its going to be
    hurt again,
    It runs into those words,
    Those breakups,
    Those tyrants that rule over them,
    The burden that was thrown on them,
    The heart begins to think that,
    Its over, theres no way to recover,
    Does this heart give up,
    This organ, that was meant for one person,
    Has been shared with many,
    Trust denied,
    Pain caused,
    Yet still realises,
    There is a chance its not over,
    It can be recovered,
    It strides for this feeling of recovery,
    Another chance,
    That it can feel loved again,
    That it shall not be hurt,
    That it will not be hurt,
    This tiny organ that strives off love,
    This tiny organ was hurt so many times,
    Yet it still believes it will find love,
    Still believe it will be able to trust people,
    This heart is hoping to surpass its tyrant,
    Hoping to surpass its opression,
    Hoping to love once again.
    Not all of my writings, some I have thrown out. Yes I know most of my writings are depressing but hey oh well. So ya just wanted to share these.

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