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    Brainstorming for a book...

    Need some ideas, I decided I'd like to write a book (or at least attempt to) as I'm HUGE fan of reading. I've read more books in my 17 years than most people read in their life (no joke, it's well over 500,000 pages read total)

    I'm a huge fan of fantasy books so this will be fantasy. Pardon what I have for seeming a little juvenile but I haven't started to refine any of it yet.

    So far this is what I got for a plotline:

    1. Boy/Twins/Class somehow sucked into/enters different world
    2. After showing up, him/they join a school
         1. School of...?
    3. Take classes at school
         1. Sword fighting
         2. Magic (?)
         3. History
    4. Learn of power obtained midway through school
         1. Tattoo of animal
              1. Gives powers (?) of the animal/being portrayed in tattoo
    5. Suicides start within class
         1. Believe that tattoos are devil-like (?), stressed, etc...
    6. Tattoos manifest for everyone
    7. Boy doesn't manifest tattoo
         1. Feels awful and left out
         2. Stays in school however
         3. Focuses on swordplay and vents anger with it
              1. Way behind rest of class because of lack of tattoo
              2. Beat constantly
    8. Boy insists on sparring with top of class
         1. Crowd grows waiting for the next battle of two masters
         2. Boy feels frustrated no one is paying attention
         3. Boy starts to get cut
         4. Instructor distracted
         5. Fight gets out of hand
         6. Boy stabbed
         7. Boy feels something stir inside him
         8. He grabs sword blade and breaks it
         9. Stabs opponent multiple times in chest with broken sword pieces
              1. Kills him (?)
         10. Blacks out
    In my head, the boy doesn't manifest a tattoo but takes on the features of a dragon (?) or other mythical creature when he becomes angry. Not quite sure how to get to that point however.

    I don't know where to go from there...

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