Principle : A person who is really smart discovers something and try's to reveal it to the world, they ignore him. He keeps thinking it over and over again to somehow improve it thus creating a situation where his thoughts are his worst enemy.

They bleed into my eyes,
No more cries.
At the speed of light i travel,
Not knowing the mystery will unravel.
How do i think,
While not making a blink.
My power has been surpassed,
There's no resource that i cant bypass.
But what i need is yet so far
Which goes beyond the limitations of a war.
These thoughts they keep killing me,
Not knowing how to heal myself,
I cry in pain and there's no one willing to
Come save me while in distress,
I've seen the pain of betrayal ,
Just need to get the thought out of my head.
Fucking mind never rests,
Giving me pain that wont compress.
Why i never thought about it
is still the question i put to myself,
For i never want to think,
As it hurts me more than love.