Didn't know this thread existed on this site, glad I found it. Here's one I wrote a month or so ago.

I had a child that was a dying child and it begged me to let it go,
I saw a lake that was a silver lake but a frozen embryo,
Flushed from a mouth by a tide, touched but in an ugly way,
Left gray in the final evening of the final day.

I sent a boat down a dirty stream that corroded the gleam of its hull,
I knew the remains by touch and by name and by the size of the skull,
A pink division ensues, I'm blinded by and early dawn,
That highlights the widow's walk I'm walking on.

Take me away from this swollen place that poisons and cripples the young,
I want to be where I can see the moon and the stars and the sun,
There are no horizons here, and every end is in sight,
The sky is a dull reflection of electric lights.

But maybe I'm fated to always remain in an autumn of permanent red,
That conveys though in glorious ways what is living but what will soon be dead,
In an ampuputated land, anesthetized from above,
Fleeting as a perfect stranger to a perfect love.