Just a small spoken word I wrote and performed on at a nightclub last week
as I heard a guy who openly bragged about sexually assaulting a close friend of mine would be attending
the events happened 3 years ago but this was a result of her refusing to see me perform due to him planning come to the event

I want to show her more compassion than she got
from the on looking neighbours
restore some of the trust
removed by a twisted mans nature
She's learnt to put on a front
a different story behind closed doors
you can only image
all the damage it has caused
a morbid crime that she couldn't report
as she was scared of the gossip and of what her friends thought
If she had the courage, Id have followed her to the court
and if she didn't get a conviction?.........
I personally offer to show that prick the way to the morgue...

upon ending I pointed the guy out in the v.i.p area from the stage, I don't know if he ran away, or was removed by staff
But I he wasn't there when I came of the stage.