A little something I wrote whilst reading Shakespeare (sorry for the Elizabethan English, just couldn't help myself)

In Love

Will I treat thee like a goddess?
Thy heart is likely to ask,
I but solely promise,
Mine love over brain is likely to act

Thus with brain and not love,
Yet in love, have I never been more
As if thou were a princess I will give thee,
The best of that which is lovely and sweet

If I was to compare a rose to thee,
The flower would wither in spite and envy
To my beloved’s beauty, no comparison there be
She’s lovely, the most, this bitter world has seen

And what if I be to contrast thy beauty
With years and time itself
Eternity short would grow in pity
For your smile can make the sun not to set at West

In love, then could be I?
Or could this a dream be, just in my mind
For thy grace, in the world would be hard to find

This be a mere dream, then, my love?
O’ foolish of I to have created this dreadful bond,
For now I swear, mine heart to you belongs