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    Ready to drop

    My first dubstep mixtape with rights of distrabution from credited artists.
    Featuring numrous upcomming artists and cameos from Tim Westwood and Flux Pavillion

    Track | Artist/s

    Intro | Ginx/Westwood/FluxPavillion/DJ Hyper
    Labarinth - Earthquake (DJ Ginx's Aftershock Remix)
    GunShots | Holda (DJ Ginx - SharpShooter Remix)
    Eternal Nightmare | Subroke Vs Ginx
    Gorilla Porn | Ft Subroke & Kraddy (DJ Ginx Remix)
    Karma | DJ Ginx

    Bonus Tracks (CD ONLY)
    Live MC Performance @ Radio1Xtra | 13mins
    Club Karma - DJ Ginx - The Warmup (MIX) | 15mins
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