Im like a vampire, and im desired to spit fire.
yeah, i know you want to be like me, you little wannabe.
Ill give you a chance, but you know i still win.
I always fly and im never going to stop, i take it to the drop point of no return
Bitch i earn my crown, you will know when im done, that im the only one,
that keep this shit under controll. Kid watch me flow, as i take a bow
for your failure,yeah about your bitch i nailed her.

Short ting:

Your mamas all on me, she ride me like a pony,
i gota tell you homie i call her when im loney,
tighter than a teenager,hotter than a superstar, faster than a racercar,
yeah thats your mama and dont bring no drama, cuz i am mr trama.

Dont hate to much people