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    Hello everyone!

    I remember when I was making sig. and decided to come back and make them again.
    Im not very good at them so some tutorials would be appriciated


    Also I got a question(Its kind of stupid):
    As I care about my future(Im younger than most of u on mpgh)
    If i get good at making things in photoshop like signatures and other stuff, is there any job I can get in future that has to do with that?

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    It matters on what you advance in Photoshop, if you a perfect signature maker your whole life, well then your useless.
    But if you start doing more things you'll get somewhere.
    Web Designer
    GUI (Game User Interface) Designer.[This is the styles on the windows that pop up in game, or armor, maters on the engine of the game]
    Game Animator [Better to work with 3D programs but Photoshop does help]
    Photoshop instructor.

    All of these require you to have a Photoshop license which you can get somewhere near you (not really near) but you take a Photoshop test and if you pass your certified and businesses see that as a big plus/requirement.
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    When I first came to the section, I asked the very same thing.
    There are plenty of careers that can use the skills you may pick up in the section. The only problem is, unless you get hired by a game development company or something like that, the work is very unreliable. You also have to be very good if you want to earn any decent amount of money.

    Just found when I the conversation I had with Ryguy about it:

    Quote Originally Posted by Ryguy
    Quote Originally Posted by Wudge
    Quote Originally Posted by Ryguy
    Quote Originally Posted by Wudge
    Recently I've been thinking about career options and you are the person I know that knows most about graphics designing.

    So I'll cut to the point; Do you think a Graphics Designer is a realistic career choice?

    Or is it like saying " I want to be the next Eminem."

    I'd really appreciate your opinion on this.


    For me I've been told that I could find a job doing graphic work easily and I would make decent money. Me personally I feel like you could find a job but I don't think you'll be living large unless you become known or work for something big. I also feel like if you don't work for a corporation like a tv show or something you may just be like working for people and selling individual pieces. There is a lot more to Graphics than you actually know but if you wanna do stuff like make logos and do all that artsy stuff then I would say finding a job may be a little tough but theres a lot of other ways you could still do well for your self. I may minor in Graphic art when I go to college but I don't feel like I'll make the money I want to make doing it.
    Thanks, I really appreciate your opinion. I just wanted to get someone else's views on the idea. I agree that it doesn't seem the kind of thing you can get a lasting job doing. I think I will just choose to keep it as a hobby.
    Once again thanks for your help.

    It can be a lasting job its just you may not make much. I think my friends mom is a graphics designer but I can imagine she doesn't make much. On the other hand I know another person who is a graphics designer who supposedly makes a lot. For me it's too risky.
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