A Stage, A Street, or Solitude

A beginning that dances with opening of an opera.
Lights flash, guts unsettle and rich folk act to believe in thin-air.

Then the music starts, and sooths the waves of people.
That flashes music and muscles tenderize to the melody.
Oh what fear has soar away from our bodies but yet…
Itself is music that is shared throughout the world.

Humans are connected with music.

And now a brisk morning with fog that is lain.
A bearded stranger with not a known fragment.

But the beat beats with the beat’s friend.
The pops, and locks that interlock a body gives music a dance.
The dance of the beat and the soul of the lyrics.
Joy prances and dances with the beat and pop of his instrument.

Humans are connected with music.

Now where thoughts are laid to the table.
Where we, just me, sit and think.

A solitary hum that sways and beats.
Dances with solitude and music with just a lock and pop.
Now sit young man and listen to me.
To the beat, dance, opera, and music for thee.

- Walker Solt