You know what I mean
These mother fuckers seem to be all about dreams
Having my cake and eating it
People see weak in this, greet the beast sink your teeth in this
Even felony hand me calamity
Cannot be sitting with insanity trying to damage me
Even niggas who work with me having fantasies of erasing their men and me
Look you blood suckin', mud fuckin', punks, chumps
Gay faggots, maggots trying to get paid really better stowed away to 30
Hearing your call, bloody murdering y'all
Scurry and focus conserving the brawl
Whoop the CHASS niggas and I pass we bury 'em all

It's a shame to be hated on so angrily
And all these people who came to see the demise of me
And the disguise we in analysing me to the sight of me
When I live in society, with all these people we call friends
And when the hook-up's gone it all ends, so we sit there alone and pretend
Hoping no one will notice when you leave us like a latest trend
'Cause that's just how you bitches tend and you wonder why I stay awake
With a back full of knives and a mind so Twiztid I can hear them say

Stay awake, 'Cause if you want to survive
The way for you to stay alive
Is keep far away from me
Stay away from me, let nobody break from me
'Cause I can surely take you can't hide from me
All of them I will bury, bury them all