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    The system..

    They say there's nothing like the system
    But in truth it all reminds me of tristam
    No that's from Diablo two, you didnt learn about this shit in school
    so just be cool as well sit around and act a fool
    To what they're actually trying to do to us, school us, and fuck with us
    as they take away each and every right
    We don't fight, we just sit by bundled up cozy and tight
    We all lost sight in the night clouded by big brother
    Turn on the lamp and see the light, one another
    Hatin' on each other except our mothers bundled in our covers
    Don't act stupid and don't play the game
    Another law will be passed dusk to dawn it's all the same
    Time is an illusion pushed on us to suppress us, to allow our lust
    For the next day to come, he doesn't shun, us for being Patriots
    He takes us down, gives us a frown and makes us all affiliates
    To shoot us in the head is to take our freedom
    But the ones cloaked in night no bitch he doesn't see them!
    They try to help, and they try to tell all
    But in the end they believe Big Brothers long hall
    Of straight up bullshit, i'm havin' a fit, just get with it
    It's all lies the media's paid for their crimes of straight bullshit!
    If we don't act fast, and we don't act now, no ones going to see it now
    And when the day comes, they're just going to be asking how
    This could of happened, to the government they trust!
    So empty of anger, and so empty of lust!
    But they thrust, upon us, their bullshit they call puss
    To me, and to you, and to him and to her and to koo koo kachoo
    It's madness, pissing me off
    Don't try and prove me wrong, cuz I know I'm right
    And I know I'm wrong, that my bitch is why I'm writing this song

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    That's one good system
    Why don't you rap it out for us?

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