Wrote this for assessment in English

It's a story of a young boys transition from life to death.

Falling in Reverse

I donít know how things got this way, I donít know how you would expect a child to survive here, I donít know if thereís anyone else. I donít know much of myself, where Iím from. Some would have classified me as a youth but I beg to differ, Iíve seen things no child is meant to see.
Itís a dangerous world I live in. it kills you, but this place doesnít kill you physically, pulling you apart from your arms and legs; it deteriorates you emotionally, slowly eating away at your mentality and sanity until you die inside, wandering the world, a danger to yourself and anything or anyone you come across.

Iíve only ever come across a ďcrazyĒ once, but I hear their cryís and screams. Each night, when the night is crisp and the air is silent, you hear the bellows of innocent people; slowly losing their minds to the virus of insomnia. I donít know what it is but people these days just become so nuts so quickly. It wasnít long ago when things where normal, well so Iíve heard. I was born in this mess and Iíve never known a normal world. I donít even remember the parents that raised me, the last memory I have is just running in fear across a barren desert, feet burning and blistered hands. It is very hard for a 13 year old boy to live here. Thatís the only encounter I ever had with the crazyís and I didnít look back, my imagination did the work for me, slowly painting a clear picture of what was behind me, growling and gurgling, wanting me dead.
Iím glad Iím not going to die in pain; instead hallucinations of sand figures are already present in the distance. Thatís one of the symptoms of the virus. I havenít slept for 3 days straight; insomnia is caused because of paranoia, seeing constant figures around me, which arenít actually there. Itís hard to accept my fate, but my environment is telling me that everything is fine, almost like itís easing me in my transition from human to animal.

A cry for help would be pointless; it would only attract unwanted attention. Instead Iím just lying here, in the sand Ė Enjoying the Euphoria of the hallucinations. It as if the virus wants you to enjoy your last few moments of humanity, there is no pain- even though your body is preparing itself for physical torture. There is no worry, my paranoia has settled and Iíve learn to accept the hallucinations as if it was actually happening. The transition is about making everything normal. Whoever designed this virus was actually looking out for the people.
A tear runs down my eye. ďIíve always wanted to die on a beach.Ē I manage to push out those few words. I donít know whether Iím actually talking to a nearby figure, or nothing. All I see is a field of sand, littered by imaginary things. None of them take notice to anything I say. Again I feel alone, watching dark, celestial figures walking out of the ocean, past me. The hallucinations are scary now.
The sky turns a dark pale colour almost instantaneously. The clouds part and I can see the sun. I feel my thoughts lifting, the satanic, imaginary figures evaporate to dust, and blow in to the air. Am I coming too? Is my insanity wearing off? I am levitating, is this part of the hallucination? I can see myself. I feel dormant but yet i see myself stand.

It hits me; the sudden realisation of death. I wave to goodbye to my physical being. Obviously someone doesnít want me to cease to exist. Iím slowly pulled into the clouds, and I watch the world I knew around me transform into black oblivion. Iím free from physical life; instead I spend eternity an unforsaken mind, free to imagine my path of continued existence.