Ethnic cleansing that's what they call mass murder and and genocide,
Kidnap the children brutality rape the women and leave the rest behind,
This is the life of many in Africa crying blood every night,
The line is blurred now between wrong and right,
Twelve year old boys strapped with an AK47,
A little girl having to watch her mother get raped the little girl is only eleven,
Young fathers watching there pregnant wives future baby being pulled out by a coat hanger,
The men then cut the breast off the women so they can't feed their young ones,
Smoke and the putrid smell of rotting flesh being inhaled in their lungs,
The heads the elderly are cut off and displayed like a trophy,
Men who resist get tied to the back of a truck and get ripped to pieces violently,
Does the Man in the sky I call Heavenly Father hear there cries,
Or is He letting the devil roam the African planes and unfold his demise,
Does He not hear their cries and if so where is He,
How can He watch all this animosity towards humanity,
All the atrocities and monstrous acts done to a human being,
A little glimpse of hell is what they have seen,
So why Lord have you not come down for those children being tortured by their own kind,
They get drenched in gasoline then lit on fire and then just leave their corps behind,
Lord why have you not come down yet,
For every minute that's goes by is anther fifty kids having to be put in a casket,
So when Lord will you come for your children,
When oh Lord will you come again.