Poetry and my heart have joined together like a matrimony,
My thoughts are priceless like diamond ring being given to the finance in a marriage ceremony,
Symbolizing that poetry is where my love shall be forever,
That poetry is what makes my heart beat get stronger,
And just like a marriage there will be hard times,
But how you react in those moments in life defines,
Your character so stay strong and endure,
Let out your frustrations in a lyrical picture,
And remember you committed yourself to poetry,
You committed yourself to finish your life story,
Poetry proposed to my heart that I change my ways,
And I did and accepted Gods grace,
Poetry has changed me that with out a doubt,
And to continue to write all fear will have to be kicked out,
Out of my heart for it needs room for all my snapshots of life,
Poetically telling about my tribulations challenges and strife,
Just like so many others we deal with it through music,
It gets ejected in my heart and soul it's so potent,
And I let the melody translate into a anther rhyme,
Poetry has married my heart and this poetry will forever be mine.