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    Who are YOU?

    tell me what kind of values are engraved in your heart,
    tell me are you a person of elevated thought,
    whats the adhesive that solidifies your bond in your friendship,
    is it trust loyalty or simply your companionship,
    what kind of morals are embroidered in your soul,
    what makes you feel most whole,
    are you one I can put my trust in,
    do you speak with honesty or lie with a grin,
    What do say in your silence,
    Are you one of character are you virtuous,
    Do you take the great risk and understand its consequences,
    How does your train of thought go,
    Will you take constructive criticism and try further mature and grow,
    I'm just trying to find out what kind of person you are,
    Keep on going you've gotten this far,
    Prove to me your this and more,
    If opportunity comes knocking are you one that will open the door,
    What kind of person are you if not one who is steadfast in his conviction,
    One with a goal in sight one with a life mission,
    So look in the mirror and ask yourself what kind of person are you,
    Are you a man of principles what is it that you most value,
    Integrity, honesty, character, money,
    Friends, a good work ethic, or family,
    All great things but you must look deeper than that,
    I'm talking about your heart that's what I'm looking at,
    for I'm looking beyond the intelligence and worldly success,
    What's your motivation what drives you what's your life purpose,
    Are you one of diligence do you keep focus,
    To achieve those dreams those aspirations,
    Ask yourself next time what kindles that fire in your soul called passion,
    And ponder on it for a moment,
    For life is made up of moments and you don't want to forget them,
    Treasure those special times like a priceless gem,
    Just slow down and ask what kind of person are you,
    Don't have to decide now as to what you want to do,
    Think of what defines your character best just think who are you.
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