I'm a champion do you not see it in my eyes the windows to my soul,
I'm a champion who at this moment feels most whole,
I'm a liberated man with no fear in his heart,
I'm a philosopher who yet again is getting lost in though,
I'm a poet whose writing my life story with eloquence,
I'm a single man emdevouring to be virtuous,
Expressing my mind through poetry and building on my character,
A lyrical artist who paints life pictures,
I'm a champion dont confuse with anything else,
But I'm not alone I'm not by my self,
Each one of us holds the ability to be more than we are,
So go shine like the northern star,
May what you reflect be bright and radiant,
Express your thoughts project it,
Promulgate your feelings let others know,
That in the midst of darkness you will still glow,
So get up champion it's your time to Go!