I awoke to sound of children laughing and seashores roaring,
I opened my heart and the words suddenly began pouring,
And I began the creation in my mind of a reality that I knew could never be,
One where there's no sorrow pain or calmtity,
So I stayed in this dream and forgot about reality,
Drowned my mind with more ideas on how to build it better steadily,
And as the years went on I came to fall in love with a world that I had fabricated
I continued to dream and stayed in this new world I created,
To keep on building this world my new escape,
My hideout when life was of a darker shade,
And I never did open my eyes back up to this world,
Instead I stayed hidden in a place where all anger of mine was hurled,
And I became enthralled with it to the point of obsession,
I'd close my eyes and heart began to fill with inspiration,
Every day I would do an exploration of my imagination,
And I would fall into a dream that I wouldn't want to wake up from,
I wanted to know how my dreams would end but God said it has just begun,
So dream child let your mind and heart run free,
Imagine a world to which you can escape to when you can't handle reality,
Because a little imagination is good for the mind and heart,
Begin thinking and get lost in thought,
Go child dream begin your epic journey,
To travel through an imaginary story,
Go child make it one that's extra ordinary.