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    Rap is anther form of street poetry,
    A way of telling a rhythmical story,
    Describing the raw emotions we as humans feel,
    The heart breaks and how we can heal,
    Life's sorrows and it's pain,
    The years of shedding tears of shame,
    Rap paints a lyrical illustration,
    Of life's beauty and tribulations,
    The beat gets solidified within my heart,
    Tattooed, engraved, never to part,
    This is what real rap is all about,
    A way we can project our thoughts out,
    Through a beat or a melody or beautiful chorus,
    All the emotions get put down in a sentence,
    And it creates a lyrical picture,
    Moments in life is what I try to capture,
    It's pain sorrow and strife,
    All these things are giving me a clearer view of life,
    And that in essence it's a beautiful struggle,
    And this is what builds character,
    The world is boundless with opportunities and possibilities,
    I grab them and run and mute the voice of society,
    for they only speak negativity,
    I don't need that in my life anymore,
    I need love something that will allow me to soar,
    So let me be alone as I try to express,
    My thoughts in a single sentence,
    Please stay tacit for I need to focus,
    I need to hear my Lord telling me life purpose,
    He told me I am to keep on writing for him,
    He knocked in my heart and I welcomed in,
    Theses thoughts pour out like honey at low viscosity,
    Floating free around my mind like man at zero gravity,
    This is all thanks to my Lord, my savior,
    Who's filling up my heart with his love as if it were a reservoir,
    You see music for me revives my heart back to life as if it were a defibrillator,
    So turn the beat up and let my soul feel rejuvenation,
    I'm doing an exploration of my imagination,
    My hearts having a spiritual illumination,
    So thank you lord yet again,
    For music and life thank you and amen.

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