I'm here to comfort you and to let you know,
That through this tragedy we will mature together and grow,
And together we will come out with a better perspective of this life,
I understand that it comes with pain sorrow and strife,
But so long as we work collectively helping each other to stay strong,
If we come out of this situation a better person than we have won,
I can't promis you the nightmares will cease,
I can't say the awful memories will ever leave,
But I can assure you I will be there, to nurish your heart with love and care,
And I will do whatever it takes to make sure you know,
That out of the fire we will come out only to glow,
The tribulations are behind us let us look ahead and see the opportunities,
Take them and run with the possibilities,
And never forget how we got here and what made us who we are,
We always will shine never to change like the northern star,
Nothing will stand in the way of my mission,
And that's to finish this race strong and with determination,
So help me and I will help you,
And let us remember the true meaning of friendship and how it's of great value,
So I let you know that I will never let go,
Of a friend like you so let's show,
Our persistence by never giving up and never giving in,
Tribulations will come and we will fall again,
But we will stand back up and become triumphant,
We will stay in each others hearts even if we are distant,
and nothing will distort my view of you,
So please dear friend now one thing is true,
I will always be there for you.