I catch her tears but I seem to miss her heart,
It falls hard to the ground and breaks apart,
Into a million shattered pieces that can't be put back together,
So I sit down a construct this letter,
An apology for all the horror she's had to have seen,
All the pain and bruitly aimed at a young human being,
So she's closes her ears and shuts her eyes,
Everything she ever heard were lies,
Now shes a damaged child no sign of being able to have repair,
A bitter childhood is what we both share,
But let share more than those bitter memories of the past,
Let me share my heart with you and may this friendship forever endure and last,
Know not all angles have wings or carry a halo,
Some are in the darkness trying to make it glow,
And not all beautiful girls have that smile that's perfect,
Just the knowledge that inside your beautiful should be enough,
So don't cry for the past for it's long and gone,
I understand you still have nightmares and there not done,
But you have people like me who are there,
To wake you up and let you now that I care,
So please smile know that your truly special,
Erase those dark thoughts those ones you call the unthinkable,
Replace the void spot in your heart with Gods enduringly strong love,
know the father in heaven smiles from above,
For his child learned to let go and grow and mature,
Read this and try to visualize a lyrical picture,
Of my hopes and aspirations for you,
I hope you know one thing is true,
I will never forget you.