Every morning my eyes retract and saturate the beauty of natures serenity,
To busy thinking about the beauty I don't waste time with thoughts of calamity,
I awake to the sound of finches chirping and and the trees slowly swaying with the wind,
I have found out that natures melody will never end,
So I kick back and enjoy what life hands me for today,
Like a brand new thought that I now must convey,
I let the beat of my heart be the rhythm that I write to,
So much to be thankful for like a wonderful family that loves you,
A roof over your head and healthy food to nourish your body,
We have so much yet we take it for grant it and treat it liked commodity,
So I endeavor to awake every morning with a smile,
For when I do it makes the day a whole lot easier for my guardian angel,
Who watches over me every day and night,
Making sure I understand the difference between wrong and right,
I'm not just content with my life I'm genuinely happy,
For where joy resides is inside of me,
For I'm so blessed to have the family that I do,
To hear the melodious words of my grandmother saying I love you,
It's those words that I embroider deep with in my heart,
Store it away in a vault so it never will get lost,
Tattoo them in my mind and engrave them in my soul,
For its words of comfort that make me feel whole,
So I awake again to the finches beautiful melody,
Retract my eyes and thank God for this stunning serenity,
Oh thank you oh Lord Almighty for truly blessing me.