Its with this pin and and ripped page that I write to alleviate past pain,
It's with this pin that I go and rewind back in time as if life we're a cassette,
And relive moments in life and recapture lost ones,
It's with this pin that is attached to my heart that I pour my heart out as if it were ink,
For once my heart is melted on the page and embroidered in your mind,
Only then can you see me and feel my emotions, for poetry has for this moment put my heart for all on display,
For poetry makes my heart transparent so you can see everything,
And it's that kind of sensation that makes me love poetry,
For this pin to which I hold has become my sword and the page is my shield,
This pin protects me from myself so I don't achieve the darker aspirations in my life,
The words hold me down like an iron ball and chain,
These words uttered from the very depths of my heart is what captures your soul,
It's these kinds of words that seem to enraptured your heart and take your breath away,
For when my heart speaks yours seems to listen,
When my heart is empty yours seems to fill it back up,
For our hearts communicate with out out knowing sometime,
Involuntarily feeling emotions that aren't ours,
Feeling the pain that you do, crying the same painful and guileful tears as you,
Sympathy, the ability to perceive someone's emotions and feel them in the very core of your soul,
My words seem to echo in the chambers of everybody's heart,
For all feel it and can relate to the words that create a masterpiece describing life,
For that's what I do, describe the unthinkable and make it achievable,
For if you don't think you can do it then your heart can't follow after the dream,
For your mind and heart are dancers and the mind leads,
You learn one with a strong mind is able to follow his heart,
For he knows when to follow his heart and when to not,
For the mind lets us know when our heart is not yet right or pure,
This is poetry this has become my closure,
The blanket that wraps my heart and gives it warmth,
It's the bricks of morals that I build and come to see a the framework of my character appear,
Poetry is the blueprint of my life,
The raw bones of it, the rest I have to find myself,
For poetry is gift given to me now I must pursue more,
For after the pin has dried up and the last page folded what else is there,
What lies beyond the papers edge and the pins ink,
If nothing than my poems are shallow lakes filled liquid contradictions,
So I endeavor to pursue life to fullest in every way possible not just poetry,
For poetry has opened the door of opportunity it's now my decision to step through,
And see what your talent in this life can do for you.