The media feeds the minds of young ladies with lies as to what beauty is supposed be,
And it's that machine that destroys their hearts steadily,
For every lie that the media injects their heart with a piece of their self confidence disappears,
And soon they release their sorrow and their painful tears,
For they aren't that one that society has labeled as beautiful,
If these young ladies only knew that they are angels,
The children of God the One who created beauty,
But with time the definition of it got distorted by our society,
Do the words I speak from the depth of my heart not reach the core of your soul,
For when I write I want you to feel beautiful and whole,
I want you to understand that your a unique and a wonderful individual,
God does t make mistakes He made you and your truly beautiful,
So stop saturating your mind with societies false hopes know they never will deliver,
The only thing promised by society is anther form of beauty will replace her,
For you can't keep up with the machine that mitigates the youths self confidence,
They don't understand God is taken away by your mere essences,
His heart is broken for yours is beating so softly,
You need love in your heart not the expectations of our pathetic reality,
Walk in room and demand to be looked at with respect,
Embrace the feeling of self confidence embody it,
And if they have a problem with you that's simply because they fear your getting stronger
Learn to respect yourself and you can be respect by others,
Learn that beauty is the reflection you see in the mirror not what you see in a magazine,
God proposes to you with grace and love as His ring,
While society proposes with false hopes and deceit,
And you buy it and then want a refund but you can't return that receipt,
And soon you have this idea of what beauty is you have this warped image,
For the machine constantly feeds your mind with garbage,
I want you so desperately to understand who you really are,
God wants you to smile that smile that shines like the northern star,
For He yearns for your heart to have His love in it,
But He can't if you let others show you only disrespect,
Let His love be the food for your heart that maybe experiencing malnourishment,
I want you to simply understand one thing is true,
No matter what the media screams I still shall see beauty in you.