ife is going so fast he's smoldering away like a cigarette,
Testing with drugs and playing the russian roulette,
drinking like theres no tommrow and snorting lines,
he's going down a path he's created his own demis,
same old story for the man liven a party,
now a junky and in a jail its a bitter story,
he got out with no lesson learned,
his friends see his problem but aren't the least bit concerned,
He is verbally abusive and physical as well,
his new pinpall seems to be the man in hell,
easily agitated and can blow at time,
but he has a beautiful mind for he can design,
a lyric so emotionally strong it will mentally drain you,
but he gets home beats his girlfriend till she is black and blue,
now on high he takes Xanax to get himslef down,
mentally and physically wiped he cant hear a sound,
so the next morning his friends come to find him half dead,
he wakes up in the hospital and cries in bed,
he realizes the nail to his coffin is his addiction meth,
so he wakes up and straightens up and takes a breath,
but its not just the drugs its his thoughts that are cording his heart,
his values and moral have been shattered and have fallen apart,
every night he seems to see the devil,
all his thoughts have become pure evil,
so to stay sane he contines the viscous cycle,
of drinking and stabing himself with a needle,
his mind is filthy and not pure,
but he cant escape them for he feels the pressure,
liven a life he thought he never would,
the fight between evil and good,
but he cant tell the diffrence its all distorted,
but now he feels like he's been deserted,
Pushing away love because it hurt him before,
Loves keeps trying to come in his heart but he doesn't want it anymore,
Having flasbacks to his messed up childhood,
And how his father would beat him because he was in a bad mood,
And that's when he started building walls in his heart,
To make sure no love came in nothing inside him would part,
So he stays this way slowly going through life,
Saturated with anger resentment and strife,
And he can find a reason for him to show forgiveness,
So he write it all down in a sentence,
He is wondering about his own existence,
He goes back to his life style and then sadly becomes the morning headlines,
Overdosed and snorted one to many lines,
But i hope he said a prayer before that last puff he inhaled
Before that last drink or needle that impaled ,
His arm pumping a mental pain killer,
I wish his life were a little bit clearer,
And I'm sorry but what can i do,
In the end it was his choice and he knew,
The road he chose and its consequences,
Kept on going though acting oblivious,
Well the end of the story hasn't come yet,
He is the lost prodigal son the perfect portrait,
Of how one who has strayed may still enter the kingdom,
Because guess what he treasures us like a gem,
I hope he knows that as he lays in the clouds,
I hope he found peace in the Lords arms and not in the crowds,
I hope you and i meet and get to embrace,
Thank you God for Your truly amazing grace,
I now ill see him one of these days.