It seemed like a disnay story when they first met,
He was so pleasant so nice and romantic,
But one day they there passion went to a different level,
And when she found out she was pregnant it suddenly became a struggle,
Arguments over what to do with this new situation,
She wants security of mind he wants an abortion,
For he wants to live for the moment wanting just pleasure,
Shes wanting to grow and try to mature,
But he pressures her and its taking a toll on her heart,
There bodies got ahead of their mind and now this will start,
A continual struggle in there relationship,
He's wanting pleasure she's wanting some genuine companionship,
And eight weeks into the pregnancy she's breaks and gets the aboration,
Goes to tell him but finds out that he's found some else for his satisfaction,
She aborted her own child but now she can't abort this feeling,
That her child could be next to her a with a healthy heart that's beating,
It was so easy to erase life but not the feelings,
Now she's depressed and going to regular meetings,
With others who chose a road they didn't intend too,
But now there learning the greater value,
Of not being taken advantage of and how to overcome their perdemict,
But you never get over it time won't numb it,
The memory will always linger in the bck of your mind,
Just hope you make the right decision this time,
And now she pushes love away because it hurt her in the begging,
You shut your ears because all you heard was conceding,
And you close your eyes trying to picture your child right there,
Imagining the color of the eyes and the color of hair,
And wondering what they could of been,
Had you chose differently if you had a chance again,
Maybe one day youll meet your child with no name,
But for now you hide and cry in pain,
Hearts filthy with anger resentment and shame,
So you walk alone never knowing that there's a fathers who loves you,
He will forgive you if you just ask him to,
That man of your past corded your view of life and ruined your self esteem,
He wanted gratification but not the life of anther human being,
Now your to afraid to ashamed to mention the past,
Now the Lords love is enduringly strong and it will forever last,
For the definition of love by the men is distorted,
And they ran in the past when they were confronted,
But the father is there to care for your wounds as best he can,
But to do so he needs you to understand,
That you'll recover but always have a deep scare within,
The problem is the world not the men,
For there hearts are covered with lust not pure love,
They wanted their pleasure not their own flesh and blood,
So pity them for they will never understand,
It's responsibility not being under the covers that makes a man,
So know this child and don't cry anymore,
You've cried enough and your heart is soar,
You must look ahead to a new direction it is doable,
Know the the Lord thinks that truly special,
People comment of your looks but inside you don't feel so beautiful,
But look ahead with a better perspective for life,
It's a struggle theres pain sorrow and strife,
And it doesn't get easier with time but you can overcome it,
For the lord cleaned your heart no more of the past no remains of it,
That's at the bottom of the sea child he still loves you endlessly,
So I'm sorry but hope there will be a day,
When you and them meet that I pray,
So I end now with a hope for you,
Hope you know one thing is true
The father still loves you .