Her eyes are like fire for they melt my heart as if it were the wax of a candle,
And when she speaks the earth falls deathly silent to hear her voice that is so beautiful,
And they flow from her lips like honey, every word ever so sweet,
She inspires me, suddenly paper and pin meet,
And I endeavor to create a masterpiece for her with my thoughts,
But as I write I ponder and then soon get lost,
I ponder on her words that elevate my heart,
I ponder on the many ways she makes my heart beat get stronger,
Her care is like a light house guiding me when life gets a little darker,
And it becomes hard to focus in a life of chaos,
She is that rare sapphire that is completly priceless,
She is simply a lady that has stolen my heart,
And I just hope that feeling that I have for her will never ever part.