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    Distant Fade

    In the distance I see a vague outlining of a human with a transparency about them,
    I suddenly hear a faint noise of laughter that of children,
    Suddenly the noise turned to an ambient sound,
    And there is nothing but utter silence and peace all around,
    I open my eyes as wide as I can and my pupils dilate do to the fading of the light,
    I awaken again only to be surrounded by the bleakness of the night,
    The children sing in the background a song so sorrowful,
    I see a mirror and walk towards it, being ever so careful,
    I see moments of my past that were less desirable,
    Begin feeling anguish and sorrow and emit tears that are so painful,
    And my tears created a flood and I began to drown in them,
    I couldn't breath and blacked out and I awoke again,
    On a beach that was made of the tears of my past,
    The sorrowful waves rolled in so I got a boat and let down the mast,
    And sailed for days getting lost at sea,
    The sway of the boat made me fall asleep gently,
    My eyes begin to form tears for I'm getting lost in another memory,
    And I awoke to this memory and began to get lost,
    My mind was soar and there was fire in my heart,
    A feeling that I thought I would never have to experience again,
    But in that moment it found me like a lost friend,
    The ambeint noise continued like a plane off in the distance,
    I looked again and saw the divine being and was enthralled by its mere essences,
    Each time I tried to approach it it would disappear,
    But I kept hearing a deep voice saying you're almost here,
    So I followed and through the sea of pain I saw land,
    Came on shore and then I saw that glowing man,
    And he turned his back and said you have made it this far can can you go longer,
    I thought yes and suddenly my heart beat got stronger,
    And I went through a jungle of unanswerable questions,
    But found my way through to a clearing of inspiration,
    And fell to my knees and began to emit tears of fire,
    For in that moment I saw my past my present and future and I can't get rid of this desire,
    To aspire someone else to inspire something within themselves to come to the same point as me,
    Where when you close your eyes the Lord begins to work inside your heart and soul diligently,
    Where you can go off to explore your imagination for eight hours as the midnight sun shines,
    And you create thoughts and integrate them together to make poetic rhymes,
    I see now what happened, I spoke with an angel,
    He helped me order my thoughts and answer qustions I though were unanswerable
    This is what happened last night as I let my mind run free,
    This is what happened as I feel asleep steadily,
    I closed my eyes and open my mind and heart,
    God came in and rearranged my every thought,
    And I awoke and wrote this poem and fell back asleep and yet again got lost,
    I had this experience for I let God in my heart.

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    Wow this was really good, Sorry if this counts as a bump or w.e
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