A fabricated happiness takes over your mind as you ingest the irresistible drug,
And at only ten bucks a pill you get it and pour some liquor in the mug,
And wait there for that mystic self-transcendence to come over your body,
The ecstasy dissolves into your digestive system slowly,
A strong emotion far beyond your control takes over your mind to where you can't think rationally,
Soon everything seems so good for the drug blinds your mind from the grimness of reality,
You can't stand the truth so you get a party going and snort the magical powder,
And you feel like your on top of the world with in an hour,
All thanks to the ten dollars that got you this hallucinogenic,
Making you feel so invigorated but that's what it's supposed to do its a stimulant,
But within hours your heart rate increases and teeth begin to clench up,
You feel so good like the world is good, made of peace and love,
But you don't seem to notice the dryness of your mouth the chills and the blurred vision,
For you are way to much on a high and love experiencing this kind of exhilaration,
But soon paranoia and confusion sets in because the drug is completely gone,
Soon it's like you awake and you can't take the loudness of the song,
And you leave the club wondering how can get anther tablet,
so you go to the corner of the ave. pull out fifty bucks for you are an addict,
Not to the drug itself but the life of a party,
For when you can't handle life you take it and it erases all calamity,
And at least for the first few hours you feel better than you ever have before,
But next thing you know your vomiting all over the floor,
For you ingested it with the help of miller light,
But know your exhausted and take Xanax just so you can close your eyes and sleep at night,
But you begin having nightmares and become delusional,
And you awake at night with cold sweat feeling fearful,
So you go downstairs get anther tablet and pour your self a tall one,
And invite friends over and party till your completely wasted and gone,
And the viscous cycle doesn't stop until your girlfriend finds you,
Slumped over on your desk with your arms that are black and blue,
The needles are all around you like a toxic protection boundary,
She steps over them feels your heart that is barely beating,
By the time the ambulance came your heart rate had just stopped altogether,
This is basically suicide with no gun or letter,
For you knew what you were doing was wrong and would kill you someday,
For that's what happens when you find a false happiness through drugs and you don't leave them but stay,
That's what happens when you don't have a backbone to say no,
To rather stay on your course and try to mature and grow,
This is the life for so many who are struggling within,
For they don't know how to maybe escape sadness in their lives or their sin,
So they deal with it the same way their friends do,
Drinking and partying and soon a new drug is introduced to you,
And your too drunk to care so you take it and start the never ending fall downward,
Wanting later on to stop and put your foot forward,
But instead that man made toxin finds you,
And it sticks with you like super glue,
And until it takes control and ultimately takes you too.