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    (**Disclaimer of Distribution is Written at the bottom of this document**)

    Poem 1
    When the skies are Grey,You brighten my Day,I don't have much to Say,For My Mind is Astray, But at the End of May,I'm hoping my Love will Pay,Cause I want you stay,As My Heart can't beat when your Away!

    Poem 2
    There so much I need to do,Before I could ever, call you my boo,My heart is filled, with thoughts of you,All The girls are wondering who,For this love could be there's to,But I'll never tell, for my love is true,For when the skies are Blue,There will be my Clue,That this was done for you,My hearts first love and only Boo!

    Poem 3
    All the love that History Knows,Is said to be in every Rose,We have our Highs and Lows,But I'll stay Pure like the white winter Snows,I could buy you things from Tiffany & Co's,But that just doesn't Show,The love I can bestow,When your wrapped in my Arms,And were standing on our Toes.

    Poem 4
    A rose each day I'd Provide,Right up till the day I Died,Why my love has to Hide,Might be due, to my Pride,Day after day, I cried and Cried,All because I was empty Inside,Each day in you I will abide,Because right now I feel I can glide,Straight to the day when your a bride,Down the isle I'll see you stride,Until your at the end by my side,With you I'd walk by the tide,Right up till the day I died,My hearts first love and only friend,This is not considered a trend,For my heart would break if it were to end.

    Poem 5
    Even Though You Know,These Poems Werern't For Show,I'm Not gonna stop until I'm in my Tux and Bow,Dancing in the moonlight nice an slow,With who else but You, My one and only Boo.

    Poem 6
    Even though were Hi and Bye,I'm still going to give it a Try,I'm going to feel the same for you,Until my heart runs Dry,Even if I am Denied,At first of course I will Cry,And finish another poem with a sigh,At least you know my loves not a lie,Cause I'm happy I told you, and didn't remain shy.

    Poem 7
    All the love inside of me,Is pouring out for you to see,One day I hope we'll be,But right now you hold the key,To my heart I'm giving to thee.

    Poem 8
    Your beauty so Devine,Will not age with Time,Even if I have but a Dime,I'll spend on you to make you Shine,With you one day I hope I'll Dine,Amongst the trees of forest Pine,This love will grow like grapes on a Vine,And continue forever until stars Align,But I'll wait for you to show me a Sign,And listen to winds through a Chime,Cause I'm certain you are the one that I'll call Mine,And Even Together I'll continue these Rhymes,For its through these words that our love will Bind.

    Poem 9
    I want to talk to you,But don't know what to Say,I know where to start,And that's by saying Hey,Poems for you I've written,All throughout may,Hoping I'll see you,Each an everyday,All your demons,I'll risk to slay,Just so your peaceful,Where you lay.

    Poem 10
    When I see you,My knees go weak,Words from within,I Just can not speak,The plug you hold,To a heart, about to leak,my life for you,I would tweak,Just to hear,Your voice each week,Because your more than special,You are unique.

    Poem 11
    With you one day,I'll watch fireflies,Early in the morning,With a warm sunrise, This may come,As a surprise,But I'm different than,All the other Guys,For you I'd Swear,Never to tell lies,Or even be a jerk,And claim you as a prize.

    Poem 12
    To Thee I Give, This Heart My Love,Unmeasurable Beauty,Like The Purest of Doves, Surely t'was Sent From The Heavens Above,All Need is That Little Shove,To Live a Life Filled With Love.

    Poem 13
    Even though we've sorted it Out,I feel in my heart there is no Doubt,One day you'll see what this loves About,Theres only so long I can take this Route,Before again my feelings Sprout,Like the lonely rose in the Dugout,One day I hope this will all Payout,Cause my feelings will never Blackout,As I'd rather die for you in a Shootout,Than live a life in which you I'm without.

    Poem 14
    Your Number I would Dial,If Your Ill in Bed,Just to make you Smile,I'd Visit You Instead,Even if I must walk another Mile,To get you cookie dough and Fairy Bread,I'd fetch water from the River Nile,And Bring it to as a present on Santa's Sled,All this For Your amazing Smile,For You my heart has no Denial.

    Poem 15
    When I lay here in Dark,All I hear is the beat of My Heart,Cause It can't bear that were Apart,I know love is no walk in Park,With your Looks there'll be No Remark,Because You were Beautiful Right From The Start.

    Poem 16
    If tomorrow you were suddenly gone,I would cry from dusk till dawn,Even in the greatest of storms,I would find a place to mourn,Cause if you were gone,My heart would torn,Because I never had that chance,To ask you for a simple dance,And share with you my hearts romance,I would look at this from a glance,And wonder if I even hade a chance,With a girl as Beautiful and Perfect as you.

    Poem 17
    Right Now I'm Filled With One Emotion,That Spreads Further Than Any Ocean,I Would Do Anything to Show My Devotion,Cause This Love Wasn't Made By a Potion,And Is Waiting For You without Any Motion,In My Heart There is No Commotion,Cause Your In The Centre of That One Emotion.

    Poem 18
    Yea a poem it's nothing New,But I don't see a life without You,Maybe one day you'll feel the same boo,Is it now I say fare thee well and adieu,Or will you come to my rescue,And finally say I love you too.

    Poem 19
    How much I love You,Girl I just can't Show,You know I'll call You,When your feeling Low,Maybe that's Something,You already Know,When I see You,My Heart Turns to Jello,Cause My Days That Much Better,When You say Hello

    Poem 20
    I look up at the stars and whisper a message to a universe which will turn until our time is at an end, The whisper will be heard in the future, the Present and the past,A single whisper will ignite Solar flares and sun spots for the affection of a beautiful girl in my heart I loved this years last,A sky full of millions upon millions of stars which beauty and glamour can be seen in twinkle of your eye and sparkle of your smile more of which I had hoped to see but time went too fast,Without Knowing you I loved, perhaps by many but none more then me.

    Poem 21
    Even Though Distance Keeps Us Apart,I Love You More Now Than The Year That Past,I know we can make this work and make it Last,But how will we know when we don't give it a chance to Start,There was so much pain in my heart,When I found out You were leaving,I know it's cliche and probably has no meaning,But I do only miss you when I'm breathing,And only find peace when I'm dreaming,You know how much I love You,Cause you've hear my heart beating,We've even woken up to each other eyes after sleeping,Some nights I stay up weeping,cause those tears are for you,The one I Love, The One I Miss,The Only One Who's Ever Made Me Feel Like This.

    Poem 22
    Little Miss Perfect, Somewhere Out There, Just Give me a sign so I know Where,I'm Looking for the one with a cute as smile and brunette hair,I'll give my everything my all and so much Tender living care, Spend eternity together with love we'll share.

    Poem 23
    What does any of this all mean,Was I looking for something which only existed in a dream,Could it disappear like clouds of steam,Or end in one painful scream,I do admit this is something I should have forseen,Reminiscing on what could have been,Just waiting each day to see a message on my screen,That join us together like threads at the seem.

    **Disclaimer of Distribution**
    All Above Poems Were Written By Justin Vili and remain his copyrighted Material until further notice, any distribution such as sharing must first be consented by the author, in this case Justin Vili himself. Credation must also be given if this content is shared and this disclaimer shall be inlcuded in the document and/or status update, Inbox or chat systems within and outside of the Facebook Platform.

    © Justin Leslie Enoka Vili 2012
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