I hope to be hers forever
Yet it seems like it has been so
Although i have not sought out the truth
Her glamour, blush, and lush hair
It is black and glows in the light
There is no other, and for that i will fight
Even if she rejects me, the true love will exist in my soul
I shall not, NAY
I shan't not rest until she is in my cumbersome arms
I will not rest until i know that she is mine.
Living under the spells of rule binding laws
I am not to have contact with her
But my love for her cannot rest!
Tonight I will pray to my one and only God
Thrusting forward to him with my knees upon the ground
My palms touching in a clasp
Praying to him that he brings me what i need,
My need for love cannot wait.
I must know now, does she love me
Or nay, does she repent me...