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    Exclamation Photography Section Rules!

    Updated [03/23/2013]

    The bits of rules mentioned in this thread are a summary of the original rules on the forum. The rules here are described in more detail towards the section and towards other specific things that apply here. The original forum rules can be found HERE.

    Forum Rules

    - No posing images containing any Nudity (Keep it PG)
    - No spamming or emote spam outside of the spam section.
    - No disrespecting staff.
    - No disrespecting MPGH.
    - No bumping dead threads.
    - No replying to threads with images (images without any on-topic text)
    - No trolling, flaming or the like.
    - No posting Facebook pages, or the like.

    Uploading Rules

    If you are going to upload an archived file you must follow the general uploading rules and include two virus scans.
    - No uploading files that are warez (copy written material) or material infringe on copyrights.
    - No uploading files without including 2 Virus Scans when applicable. Use VirusTotal and Jotti.
    - No claiming an image that you did not take.


    When providing feedback or any type of criticism towards someones work refrain from blatantly flaming them or telling them their work sucks. Its better if you use the sandwich technique where you provide a positive about their work, followed by a negative, and closed off with another positive.

    Flaming or Trolling of any kind is not tolerated, as it is not throughout the forum.

    Photography is like any kind of art. People get better at it with time. You can choose to help them along the way, or shut them down without reason.

    “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.”

    Henri Cartier-Bresson

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