Hi guys I need help from pro people like you!
ok so I made a New YouTube channel and I need a logo title shit!
but i am not good at designing art. I make gaming hacking programming videos
there is my YouTube its new:Don Edmond - YouTube must be at least 2120 pixels wide and 1192 pixels tall. I need a title img example:Channel Art Guidelines - YouTube Help
Total Size: 2120 X 350 px
Safe Area (Always visible): 1280 X 350 px Centered on the image
Flexible Area (maybe visible): 420 px to the left and 420 px to the right of the safe area.

Thanks can you put the IMG under this thread i will choose.
I want it to be about gaming programming and hacking.
IF YOU HELP ME and i like your title logo I will PM (If you need and programming help I can help you Too)