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    Couple of bars

    Used to do this a lot in high school, just a few schemes/bars from my black book.

    Just about my dreams and my brothers;

    I'm so patient cause their saying I'm a go places/
    But where the grass is green, you will find there is no way in/
    so I'm note taking/
    and I'm gonna ink these thaughts, cause I'm feeling on the brink/
    and I think i could use a drink for sure/
    but to get the best of me? no way I get the best booze/
    and if i didn't do music, I would not have the respect I do/
    its what I wrecken though, it's why im getting stoned/
    loaded cones in bongos just happends to be my second home/
    but M & V two letters I represent so I do it for my brothers everytime I got this pencil close/

    About my ex-girlfriend;

    I'm curled in my world spinning like a whirlwind/
    i let her snatch this heart, so I guess I let the girl win/
    I set aside the jealousy that made my temper rise/
    you said never mind, and said that he is just a friend of myn/
    dont ever mention chance, because their is a few that i've given/
    but fuck not one of us is perfect, with our stupid decisions/
    but half the time that i've spent, has been chargin one in the bench/
    got me stumblin down the path and gettin high with a friend/

    you stole this heart but were destined to fall apart/
    to find love we know it's hard like searching for noahs ark/
    i was told to call it quits, but the truth is that I wont stop/
    im all over the place like hair on sideshow bob/
    i over looked the table, and i got the pills out/
    got more glasses to my face like I was millhouse/
    and his heart is crumbled, and from the park he stumbles, to the path he tumbles/
    throwin back more bottles then a barney gumble/
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    Personally, I'm not big into similes / metaphors.

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