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    Lightbulb [Help] Multiple Gradient Overlays on One Layer?

    I'm at a bit of stand-still here in this particular web design project. I'm trying to get multiple gradient overlays onto one layer into certain sections on the layer, but when I try to apply them it covers the entire layer (not the specified section) and each gradient I apply replaces the last. I'm using Adobe Photoshop CS6.

    I'll attach a screenshot of the project in its current state on the index (i.e. the 'homepage.') In it you can see where I have my rulers set. The horizontal rulers are to separate where I want the different gradients. More specifically the header gradient (on and above red button) the 'content' gradient (on and below the red button) and finally the 'footer' gradient (underneath the last ruler on the layer.)

    Anyone know how to get the desired effect I'm after?

    Thank you.

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