My poems are not very good. My mother tongue is not english so it is a bit harder for me to make english poems. Anyways, here you go:

You are my love,
You are my happiness,
You are the Sun in my day,
You are the smile in my face.
In this poem,
I repeat the word "you".
That's because you are all I want,
You are my life.
I wonder if some day,
We will be husband and wife.

If you were an apple,
You would be the sweetest.
If you were a rose,
You would be the reddest.
If you were a star,
You would be the brightest.
If you were a bee,
You would be the queen.
If you were a diamond,
You would be priceless,
Because you are unique
And you are the best thing that happened to me.

This one is about the Renaissance ideal woman.

Your blonde hair is like golden threads
Waving through the air.
Your blue eyes,
Are deeper than any ocean.
Your white skin is so soft,
Makes it so evident when you blush.
You are the prettiest of all girls
That I've ever seen
It is really true what they say...
I'm in love with you
You are in love with my friend
Life truly is unfair...
I just want you to listen to me,
To give me a chance,
To try to turn "me and you"
Into a beautiful "us".


I just want to kiss you,
Feel the touch of your lips,
Rub my tongue against yours.
I want you to bite my lips.
I want to kiss your body, your breasts.
I want you to moan my name,
I want to feel your arms pulling me closer
While I thrust my hips towars yours.
I want us to become just one,
Expressing our love in the most beatiful way.