I'll share a couple of my poems from deviantArt. Hopefully you'll like them! Oh and if you want to see more of my work, just look up the poem names on deviantArt, you'll find me. Thanks!

The Beauty
Her eyes gleamed like diamonds
Mind free as a dove
Golden hair flowing
Some may call it love

Cast from her mind
By the words of one man
Guilt that I feel
Hurt that I am

Confused by anger
Admittance is key
Moving on alone
Can not help me

I'll follow my heart
Wait for the right time
And maybe the beauty
Then will be mine

The Place
Somewhere free, the black bird flies.
Soaring without a doubt.
Higher and higher into the endless space,
But this is not the place.

Alone. Care free. Open minded.
In the back of your mind.
A single, dark thought,
But this is not the place.

A bullet pierces through the air.
A silhouette falls from the clear skies.
The gentle heart, torn.
As crimson tears flow.
This can not be the place.

In a barren field, the black bird lies.
Crying out for help.
This land is empty. Dead.

The icy hand of death reaches, but
A light appears, illuminating all.
Here is the hope.
This is the place.

Lux Immortalis
Through the swirling darkness
there appeared to me a light.
It shone ever so brightly
clean through the night.

As I laid my eyes upon
the illuminated beam,
A quietness enveloped
my restless mind's scream.
I knew that I had found the path
that I had searched for long.
As the first words I heard
were spoken soft but strong.

Twas I who took the foremost step
into the blinding glow.
Into what? I shall bestow.

Twas the bleak midwinter,
The barren fields of snow.
A morose murder traversed the land.
Silent, with no "hello".

Overhead the crows do fly, still silent and forlorn.
A flutter of wings, and talon stings,
The benighted thoughts reborn.

A reverse pyrexia takes control,
The lurid hate appears.
A piercing Caw erupts above,
My mind the sound does sear.