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    Something quick

    just another day in my life, they all act like eric wright
    be easy but no need to be sleazy whenever you fight,
    on my mic, sick cuz my rhymes is ill.
    this is what i call skills, this is what i call trill.
    put it in the bag for another fabo thrill,
    flow like a pipeline,explosive like a pipebomb,
    its fight night but when i punch i leave a bullet hole in ya chest,
    the best outta the crew, not a single contest.
    i feel for the real, the phony i call bouts,
    im a don and a king with boxers to wild out.
    Jada kiss goes 'aha!' cuz hes laughin at u and yo wack crews listinin to wack tunes.

    feedback and what you think about this would be appreciated. my days on the Def Jam forums are over, so i guess i could use this forum to battle anyone fun if they wanna.

    some things
    -eric wright is Eazy-E
    -Don King, boxing promoter
    -Jada=Jadakiss and he always does this laugh when he get on a track. hes one of the greatest in my opinion.

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    Blast you with a Metallica, rip your head to shreds like Gallagher, sledge hammer you dead like space shuttle challenger, scar slashes, car crashes, guitar thrashes, barbaric fascist smashing you like cassius, in a bar brawl smashed on Jagr and hashish, war clashes, napalm blast hits, ashes to ashes, hundred yard dashes through pastures, land mine stashed the grasses.

    blood splashes on the brow of Onassis, killing you is sweet like a jar of molasses, one heart assassins rocking dark glasses, sarcastic, militant like MASH is, tear gases burning like hot flashes, bash in your skull, blood drips on your eyelashes. Bombastic like Comstock convicts, ass fucked shank with sharp plastic condoms.

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