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Good shit Ryan. Im not much of a photographer but my cousin is.. and hes told me a few things about it, what to look for..

I like the second one the best.. but I believe you need to get a better camera.. One with HDR maybe? get some HQ shots, because that second one would look amazing with the right lighting and perception is really good..

Can't wait to see more.
I have a 650D...it's not the best, but it's not low-end either.

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HDR is almost 100% done in post-processing. Very few cameras actually have an OBI sensor capable of capturing HDR-esque image in a single take.
Mine can do HDR in-camera with three separate shots. I should have thought to use it, but then again, I should have thought to do a number of things.
I could have set saturation and a custom white balance on top of that.
I was really preoccupied with getting the slow shutter to get what I wanted. I was also standing on a very slippery rock for that first one.

I see what you guys are saying now about the second one. I'll probably be back there at some point. Despite everything, this was my first time out. I can see my mistakes to fix for next time.