Chapter 1 Into The Shadows

as the girl quickly walked down the back alley she silently cursed herself for staying out so late and trying this new shortcut home. suddenly she heard footsteps and quickened her pace. so did the men behind her. she broke into a run but she was a little to late. she felt a hand on shoulder grab her then pull her back. she opened her mouth to scream but before one iota of sound had left her the hand on her shoulder was pulled back. this was mainly due to the dagger that had impaled itself an inch from his forehead. the other man tried to run but a second dagger shaved some skin off of his nose. then there was a flicker of movement in the shadows and a man appeared out of the darkness. he had an all black face mask that covered his entire head except for his eyes. and his eyes.......his eyes were a bright red like he had died his eyes with fresh blood. the man drew the twin swords from his back and slowly advanced on the men. the two men shared a single glance then fled. the man sheathed his swords then ghosted to the wall and retrieved his daggers. before the stunned girl could gather her wits and open her mouth to thank the man he had disappeared into the shadows.
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