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    this is trade marked by me. if any leachs this i will have things in this that sends me ur ip, and i will send u virus's when i find out how.

    As time ends for one human, it starts for another. But as time ends for the wrong person, it starts for a worse. But what does it all come down to. The last thing that can come to an end is the world.

    And as the world comes to an end will I? As he sits and ponders “will I survive this” another man is thinking the same thing, only he’s the one person in the world who could destroy him.

    While Crysir is looking upon the dim lit shores of lorac lake, he speaks to himself the words of the gods and the profits. “In the name of the holy one, he shall rise, never to die always reborn as the old one dies. He shall either rule the world or live to see it destroyed.”

    As he repeats it over in his mind, flashing images of lighting, fire, water, wind, and earth all coming to him, speaking to him in the language of magic “anhu nemha khrk oe mon” “in the name of God we serve you”

    Back in the time of magic users, goblins, ogres, and humans alike all are tested by their talents. Magic users in particular are tested the most, for their cunning skills, quick thinking, and above all their power with their magic.

    Crysir had to take the test, which as most know is a deadly one. Very few made it, and fewer made it alive. Crysir made it on his last breath, and some say the angels of hell cursed him while he was born for he survived his own death.

    Magic the term most of the other races on the world don’t trust is the hardest skill for anyone to obtain. If you obtain it you must take long hours of studying, practicing, and actual use before you come to master this great power. As most know there are three different choices anyone can make in any of the races: good, evil, and neutral. The good wear symbols of the Gods, and wield platinum, gold, and silver staves, and wear the robes of white.

    The evil magic users wield the wooden staves made of either dead trees, or they have ones with dragon orbs on the top, and bear the black robes engraved with runes. While the neutral where a mix of them, for they serve no purpose in this, and act as a scale.

    Ogres the most brutal of the races, are mostly a dark grayish to light grey color. Their faces are distorted, and that reason is for the work they do in the mountains. An ogre’s job is either to protect ones village, or to bring boulders to the defense lines to use against the enemy. Most of the ogres end up distorting their faces from the rocks. Or from pillagers who want the ogre race destroyed. Also, another fact not

    understood by other races is that they do not mate, which confuses most for the fact that there are tons of ogres in the world, and more to come. need to write some more

    Goblin's are like a more violant Ogres. though smaller they are the more brutal races in the world. Goblins like Ogres are not created through mating. they are created through the one thing in the world that everyone uses. FIRE.

    i love this book, and i know u do too. comment and thank

    "Master, the deeds have been done" one goblin "the humans have been captured and tortured till they squealed". "did they say anything off need"? said the Goblin king. "yes sire." " the human princess is traveling with a warrior of the great elven clan Qualani, a magician named Crysir, and and a human marksman." "she is well protected, and we have no idea how many of us will die trying to snatch her".

    As Goblin raiding parties and ogres bind together, the gods of earth come forth too. They are all watching the party of travelers, as they are on their quests for the mythical dragon orbs. Forged by the gods themselves on the anvil of life itself, these orbs are told to have given the owners of the orbs such powers that they could control dragons themselves.
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    Wish there was a anti thank I need my 3 minutes back.

    I would love to change the world they just wont give me the source code

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    Nice story, but why quadruple post? really that's breaking the rules

    I am the God.

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    Fail triple post

    And are you stupid? Proxies? BTW Its impossible to send viruses directly to an ip adress

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