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    The Eyes of Venyarok

    Whipped this up for a little short story based giveaway going on in the Giveaway section.
    I thought it came out pretty good, and I plan to expand it to maybe 25 pages or so.

    The tepid water fell over the fractured rocks, gently caressing the walls of the damp cave.
    The great chamber was devoid of sound, save for the soft scuttering of the numerous rats
    that inhabited its shadows. I continued into the darkness, my sight waning to but only
    a few feet afront my eyes. The sheathed sword at my side lightly chafed my hip, its brilliant
    edge reflecting the few shafts of sunlight that broke through the bounds of the cracking ceiling
    overhead. For miles it seemed I delved further and further into the tunnels, the thought of vision now
    a distant memory as I blindly stumbled in the dark. My mind raced, twisting and turning over the
    words and warnings given to me by the villagers. They spoke of a wretched beast, lying within
    the bottom of eternity, just waiting to feast upon the flesh of those unfortunate, or brash enough
    to cross its path. They spun a strange tale, of not a monster, but a wicked man, whose sadism
    and evil knew no bounds. Recalling upon their cautions caused me weary, and for but a second I
    second-guessed my choice to slay the murderer, but alas I continued deeper. My mostly silent trek
    came to an end as a soft rumbling came to my ears, like the god Avashta himself was moaning
    through the tunnels. Deeper and ever deeper I descended, thousands upon thousands of steps
    into the endless oblivion of the Earth, the sound growing akin to crashing thunder. My body shook
    like one of the Plagued, and the dirt from above came down like a storm. At long last, the faint
    flicker of a torch lit the walls in the far distance, and I made my way toward the flame, eager to
    finish what I had begun.

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    I am the seer in the dark,
    the vagabond of yore,
    I am the sum of all your parts,
    and proprietor of all.
    A miasma,
    the conclusion,
    blackmonger of Inlé,
    Synapses fray,
    my form now vivid,
    as torpor sets and blood grows tepid.
    With every ounce of flesh now offered,
    I hold your corpse within my coffers.
    Knitted cells now split asunder,
    stand alongside me brother.
    Take your place amongst my Owsla,
    we march at dawn now and forever.

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    here, sadly
    I like it. I wish to know more.

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    Looks good, continue writing.
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