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    Somethings from my Dejam Days...

    Escobar215(Me) vs. Khryme, but he never returned I guess every just forgot about that one.

    Fuck khryme, he cant even pay a dime because hes dead broke like a bombed pipe line,
    send his wack raps to the hospital in the nights time,
    flowed fine till my raps cut off his life support rhymes,
    my weakest raps cant even compare to your best bars,
    you wanna be in the game? even he said 'you wouldnt get far',
    and teaching you a lesson is no harder than a snitch gettin shot by a Wesson,
    your wordplay, i heard its gay and no delay to spit this bug some pesticide in this cats 9 extra lives,
    go teach urselft some consistency before you go bitchin me,
    i read one solid verse and now reading your death wish, took it from your gentle purse,
    funeral time, every1 tearing in laughter because this empty headed emcee left his credibility,
    you keep going at teach but hes way out of your reach,
    i think that you a real 'rick ross', trying to tell people you hustle, from being a crook to makin dull hooks to use at a speech,

    Another random drop to air out somethings...

    back to drop some heat packs in a knack,
    faster than fired bullets out of macks(10),
    i get stacks for chinese new years but i'm still unhappy cuz i get pushed like tacks,
    and on top of all that GrandDad in the hospital for a little,
    stressed out like the cats who always play the fiddle,
    just turned 15 in the middle and still gotta chill tho,
    im young and been done doin things dumb,
    gaining strength just like the old medieval kings in a long run,
    brush off dust when I rush to gain speed in a day's endings,
    descending deeper into recession,
    fuck depression, im stronger than that and it only takes one confession...

    Def Jam Season for Reason - get back to the boards to drop/battle is my reason whats yours?

    Another one that I feel was hot...

    all you cats try to rap for stacks,
    i spit for nothin, only to attack the track,
    you can say that im wack, but my rhymes is a giant mint cuz i dispense tic tacks,
    thats why i gotta say it, too ill to call the doc to make it as far as Iraq,
    too dangerous for anyone to go and comeback,
    and the city is what i refer to,
    i occur to be there just now,
    up the sidewalks and down harder than the dow,
    stocks up a point, couple backdown,
    i keep my bars from loosing, unstale in the background,
    keep my cool as the other too fake to act now,
    they only clowns who think they know pac,
    the only got more shots than a glock, cuz they popular but afraid of the block,
    what a shock, these actors forgot some lines,
    swig,swack,swag? stop there so that i can go around with razor sharp zig-zags,
    get beat by George Forman and yall be my brand new gift, a red punching bag,
    when im hungry, ill eat weak rappers, they'll be munchin rags

    A warning shot:

    duckin, you fuckin suckin and you still wanna be somethin?
    deny, fly away faster than gesse in the sky,
    claim to be a man, but couldnt even try,
    avoided me here, there, anywhere, even in the market square,
    you always got the excuses,
    i get it the first time, now you just going towards abuses,
    my music, shows how i feel,
    when you broke your own deal,
    fakers cant be real or stronger than steel,
    you aint flowin, you blowin on wheels,
    cant even ride when you the god dam approval seal,

    yo why cant you just go on with it?
    you always no im in it, to win it or other wise, you forget the whole skit.
    you old shit, you know it so dont duck me, i should call you McDuckin, get ready but afraid of the crowd with their msuic bumpin,
    like how osama went to hide, you jumped into the car and slide,
    leavin us disapointment and lies,
    you try to be like plies, "The Realest", nothin but a faker who pussies out on takers,
    like how i am, i shoot you halfway the court like the Lakers,
    you duck n fall like the game i use to play, and you even more lame than the grapics,
    an addict with the static
    dont call any1 else out, duck fucking faggot...

    The Strong Survive:

    Weak, better killed or be killed,/
    strong, better skilled and lead kills,/
    the strong survive, in the streets and part of the government,/
    the weak dont no shit, they dumber than,/
    the strong live long, the weak live short,/
    raps are wack and they sound like they rhyme in a fuckin court,/
    in the law, the strong survive,/
    in the economy, those with the money are sometimes livin the wrong lives/
    dont give a shit about the other class ties,/
    upper class can be stronger or weaker than the middle of lower,/
    if the upper dont no how to handle it, then they become much slower,/
    back to the streets, the weak dont know how to live a moment without worry,/
    always thinkin about the argument between steve stout and cory,/
    cormega, mother was murdered, he became more matury(mature)/
    became strong unlike some fake rappers who dont know a thing if they even had to write a story./


    Traitors stab you in the back,
    when you least expect it they attack,
    Traitors gain your trust, only for you to get a smack,
    traitors is the subject of the verse,
    they snatch you like your an old lady walkin around the streets with a purse,
    not a dam clue, or maybe there was 2, but the victims dont know what to do,
    and when they return to finish you off, they stick to ya dick like glue,
    they do this sometimes, never let it happen,
    if they want a war dont give a slappin,
    fight, and if you wanted, you could leave them dead,
    become the snake, amazon bred,
    born and raised to make the enemy off with the head,
    and finish em off and the enemy,
    when you want to apologize just go to the cemetery,
    but i dont think an apology is neccessary,
    cuz when they see you its just to scary.

    sorta random, but felt like puttin up some of me old verses...I was Escobar215 on the DefJam Battle Boards and never won a battle lol...they was 10x as tough as they were here.

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    I liked the flow in each of the songs. Very nice, Very

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghostsbow View Post
    I liked the flow in each of the songs. Very nice, Very

    I hate how I can't do things like this anymore : \ just not as good I guess

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