Memoirs of the Damned

I. Revelation
Every breath makes the noose tighter,
Every second my head is lighter,
I look up at the fluorescent "heaven",
So I won't see that tiled white hell,
I leave this world with one regret to tell,
When you see me hanging, by the end of the rope,
I'll tell you love is your only hope,
Your only way to cope.

II. Regrets
When our worlds collide,
Our picture perfect world shatters,
Like so many pieces of our lives,
Torn like a forgotten masterpiece.
I'll be honest...its a start right?
My life is dark but you keep it bright,
You're the sun when there's no light,
I feel so alive even when you say "Good Night".
So don't cry when you see this sight,
Just know wherever I go I'll be alright,
If he tried to take your memory, its the devil himself I'd fight.

III. Will and Testament
When you receive the call,
Please, please, please... don't cry at all,
Because every tear tears at me...

Wrote this myself (fucking google it if your an asshole who doesn't believe me) so remember,
If you feel like shit at least you feel something.

Its my personal favorite other than "Hope"